Park Size: 2.91 Acres


Description:  This park is the first public

                          owned, privately maintained

                          City property.  The City negotiated

                          that the City would own the land

                          but the homeowner's association

                          would have to maintain it.


Address: 1176 Orchid Dr NE


History:  The land was acquired in 2003 through

                the parkland dedication of Church Hill

                East Developments.


Facilities:  Playground equipment, swings, picnic

                   tables, benches, paved walking trail

                   and a basketball half court.  The length

                   of the walking trail is approximately

                   0.27 miles.


Future Goals: To make connections from other

                           developments to the trail and

                           sidewalk system and become part

                           of a Regional Trail System.


Features: This park is beautifully landscaped with

                    a variety of trees and plantings

                    highlighted near the benches along the




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