PARK SIZE:             10 Acres+


DESCRIPTION:      Sauk Rapids Lions Sunset Park is a regional park located on the bank of the Mississippi River and was adjacent to the old Sauk Rapids Bridge that was removed in 2007. There is a paved trail that connects Southside Park and Sauk Rapids Lions Sunset Park and continues through Municipal Park and Island View Park.


ADDRESS:               95 River Avenue North.



HISTORY:                 In 1962 Northern States Power and United Power and Land Companies deeded the land to the City to be used as public parkland subject to easement rights reserved by the companies.  The Sauk Rapids Lions Club funded improvements to the park including restrooms and shelters.  This area once housed the Neil’s Lumber Company sawmill and the river was used for transporting the logs to the site.  The Stanton Flour Mill was also in this area and was destroyed by the cyclone of 1886.  Some of the granite foundation can still be seen along the rivers edge.  In August of 2010, the City renamed Lions Park the Sauk Rapids Lions Sunset Park.


FACILITIES:             Recreational paved trail, fishing, picnic areas, shelters, restrooms, playground equipment and swings.


FUTURE GOALS:   With the removal of the old Sauk Rapids Bridge in 2007 and the opening of the new bridge, plans to revamp the park have begun.  The old roadway abutment will become a promenade with walking trails and an outlook structure near the river.  The promenade will have native plantings, observation areas and benches.  Shoreline restoration is also planned with the aid of a DNR grant. 


FEATURES:             The rapids in the river between Lions Sunset Park & Southside Parks influenced the towns name along with the confluence of the Sauk River entering the Mississippi on the western shore.  Kayakers use these rapids for recreation. 


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