PARK SIZE:             7.0 Acres


DESCRIPTION:       This land is listed on the Benton County Biological Survey as being native, undisturbed pre-settlement land.  The parcel contains native plant communities of oak, aspen, alder thicket, mesic and wet-mesic prairie, wet prairie and sedge meadow. There is only 1.6% of the land in Benton County that is listed as being in pre-settlement condition. 


LOCATION:              This park is located adjacent to the southeasterly corner of the Church Hill East Developments.


HISTORY:                 This land was purchased in 2005 with a $150,000 DNR Remediation Grant, $5,000 Mid-MN Mississippi RC & D Council donation and regional park funds.  The owner was considering splitting the land into lots and developing them with the residential lots to the south.  With such a small portion of Benton County recorded as native and untouched, the DNR put priority on preserving this land and the grant made that possible. 


FACILITIES:             None



FEATURES:             This unique property offers an undisturbed haven for many species of animals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.  The former owner reported that a pair of horned owls nested year after year on the site.  The diversity of plant and animal species present at the site give visitors an opportunity to observe and examine several different ecosystems. 

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