Street Light Utility Fee To Start January 1, 2015

In September of 2014, the City established a Street Light Utility Fee.  This Ordinance is patterned very similar to the City of St. Cloud's with some minor changes.

In summary, the purpose is to promote the general health, safety & welfare of the citizens of the City whereby the City provides and maintains a street lighting system that benefits every property within the City.  Creating a Street Light Utility would provide a revenue source for that purpose.  The utility would spread out the cost of these services amongst all properties versus a general tax levy of which tax exempt properties that benefit from the lighting system are not contributing.  The City currently has 18.9% of its value that are tax exempt properties.  The creation of this utility will also reduce the 2015 levy by the exact amount of the budgeted Street Lights Department, which was $153,200.


The monthly fee for most residential properties is $2.40 if the standard lighting area or $3.60 per month if in the enhanced street lighting area such as downtown.

Apartments will pay $1.20 per unit per month.  Most other properties would be calculated based upon square footage of each parcel, divided by 20,000, which would determine the number of units to be charged at the $2.40 or $3.60 per unit rate.  This utility fee will be collected with the normal utility bills every two months and is effective on January 1, 2015.

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