Park Size: 11.95 Acres


Description: Bob Cross Nature Preserve is a

                      regional park.  The Rotary Trail

                      winds through this wetland/nature

                      area that is used for hiking and

                      observation of wildlife.


Location:  North of the intersection of 8th Avenue

                  South and Half Street South


History: The land was acquired by the City in

                 various parcels from 1963 through 1986

                 with some property originally owned by

                 Bob Cross.  Bob Cross was the oldest

                 Benton County resident when he died at

                101 years old in 1966.  He was believed

                 to be the last survivor of the cyclone that

                struck Sauk Rapids on April 14, 1886

                killing 44 people and causing millions

                of dollars of damage.


Facilities:  Observation deck and the crushed

                   aggregate Rotary Trail.




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