PARK SIZE:             155 Acres


DESCRIPTION:       Part of Mayhew Creek Park is designated as a nature preserve. This is the largest regional park the city owns.  The Sauk Rapids/Rice School District purchased land adjacent to the park and constructed a High School which opened in September of 2003.  The 24 acres near the water tower are developed for softball, baseball, soccer and football fields. The sledding hill and trails are located to the north of the high school.


ADDRESS:               2974 Mayhew Lake Rd NE


HISTORY:                 In 1998 the City purchased the land that had previously been farmed.  The 24 acres near the water tower along with 11 acres of school property was developed into sports fields for football, soccer, baseball and softball in conjunction with the schools construction.  The grading for the school had excess soil that was used to build the sledding hill.   City crews have installed two trail loops that are surfaced with crushed aggregate and used for walking, running and cross country skiing school activities. 


FACILITIES:             Sledding hill, recreational trails, sports fields and observation benches. The length of the recreational trails is approximately 1.1 miles.



FUTURE GOALS:   The city has future plans for more trails, outdoor classrooms, wetland, woodland and prairie restoration projects, multipurpose hockey/rollerblading rink, skating rink and a park pavilion/warming house.


FEATURES:             The land has wetlands, woodlands and an open remnant hay field.  The sledding hill provides a hilltop lookout to the surrounding area and was planted with native grasses.  



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